before & after

I know what you’re thinking- “These women are gorgeous. They’re probably models who walk down the runaway every other weekend. They aren’t just your average everyday-women that you see at your local supermarket.” 

But what if you’re wrong?

Well, you’re actually half right/half wrong. These women ARE completely gorgeous. That’s a fact!

But these are 100% everyday-women. These are wives, mothers, grandmothers and so much more!

These strong women are your local PTA Moms, nurses, lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc; these are everyday women who decided to treat themselves to so much more than just a manicure or a makeover.

A "Luxury Boudoir Experience" with Yvonne is a step towards:

  • Appreciating your body NO MATTER what.
  • Recognizing that you’ve NEVER lost your sexy. EVER.
  • Documenting your beauty & growth even if you haven’t hit your milestone!
  • Choosing to celebrate yourself for a change when you do hit that milestone, get the promotion, or turn 40, 50, 60+ years old.
  • Remembering that you don’t have to be so hard on yourself, we truly are our own worst critics.
  • It’s okay to live a little, splurge a little, and feel drop dead gorgeous every once in a while!
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