I’ve never felt more confident in my life!

What’s it really like to do a boudoir photoshoot? 

“I decided to do a boudoir photoshoot and I’m so glad that I did.  It was an incredibly positive experience.  Honestly, I signed up for this on a whim.  I wasn’t really planning on a photoshoot, but I saw something online and just signed up. Then right after I paid for the session, I started to panic a bit – ha! I started getting into my head, thinking things like,  “Will I look good? What if I don’t like any of the photos?” But I’m so glad I pushed through because I am honestly still awed at the results. I didn’t know I could look so good and can’t believe it’s me in the photos!  

I felt comfortable from the minute I walked into the studio. We started off with hair and makeup.  I wanted a super glam look and I got it!  I loved the false lashes and the red lip!  I wasn’t sure at first if I could pull off the red lip, but the makeup artist did a fabulous job and I loved it.

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Then during the shoot, the photographer made me feel completely comfortable, it was like I was hanging out with one of my girlfriends.  She told me exactly what to do and how to pose. 

Truly the best part was seeing my photos! I was nervous at first to see them (of course! Who wouldn’t be?).  But then I was just in awe. I was completely stunned that the woman in the photos was me.  

Being a curvy woman, I’ve struggled with my body image my entire life, but after leaving my shoot, I have never felt more beautiful, fierce, sexy and confident – ever in my life.  I would recommend every woman do this at least once in their life.  Even if you feel self-conscious or think that you can’t do it. I promise that your fears will melt away the moment you walk in the studio. I LOVE my photos and the experience itself was so freeing, fun and fabulous. Thank you again!”

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