What’s it really like to do a boudoir photoshoot?

Check out what Ms. T had to say about her photoshoot experience:

“I was so nervous to sign up for a boudoir photoshoot, but I am really, really glad that I did do a boudoir shoot. This was absolutely out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I took the plunge.

I came to the studio from Plymouth, MI with some fears, I’m not going to lie. I had some pretty big fears about my looks and my confidence.  I have never, ever liked having my picture taken because I just don’t feel like I photograph well. I would say that my biggest fear before I came into the studio was that I wasn’t going to look good in ANY of the photos. That I was going to do a boudoir shoot and not like even one single photo. 

But let me tell you. Do a boudoir shoot

This experience was different from any other photoshoot I have ever done. I have never felt so confident in my life. I looked beautiful and I FELT beautiful! I’m more than pleased. I’m over the moon with the photoshoot. I look absolutely fabulous in these photos. I can’t believe how good I look.  My hair and makeup looked flawless.  Yvonne told me exactly how to pose.  

I feel like a new woman!  I feel ready to take on the world!

When I booked the shoot, I tried on a dozen different outfits at home and I almost just gave up because I have these areas on my body that I thought hung too low, hung out too much, were too big, too small… but I came to the studio and trusted Yvonne and I looked fabulous in all of the photos! I will treasure these photos forever!”

Do you want to feel this same kind of confidence?  What’s holding you back?  We’d love to chat and go over all the details of a boudoir photo shoot with you!

Are you ready to take the leap and do a Boudoir Shoot?

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