Ms. T.

Here we have the beautiful Ms. T.  She really had a great time in our gorgeous Southeast Michigan boudoir studio, and her photos show that.  Before her shoot, she answered some questions for us on beauty, love and a few other things.  Here is her story.

20 Reasons to do a Boudoir Shoot

Tell me your story.  What life experiences have made you who you are today?

I’m a mom of twins.  My sons are almost   Over the last 2 years I’ve had my world turned upside down.  In April 2019 my son’s father, who I was with for 22 years, told me he no longer loved me.   It broke my heart and shattered my world.  I was forced to leave the only home I knew since I was 18 and start over.  My son’s father was very verbally abusive and made me go into a deep depression and I ended up in a mental hospital for a week.  After the stay at the hospital, I finally was able to see my worth and had to prove to myself and my kids that no matter what life throws at you, you need to keep going.  I was able to rent a house and start over and provide a home for my kids with help from family and friends.  Then life really got interesting.  I fought for custody of my kids and had my dad pass away on my kids birthday in May 2019.  Starting dating again and in July 2019 broke both of my legs on a second date and was out of work for 2 months.  Finally got things back in order and life put together and in February 2020 the house I rented caught fire and lost everything again.  So in a nutshell the last year has really tested me but I’ve been able to prove to my kids no matter what you need to keep going.”

What is your favorite non physical feature about yourself?

My will- the ability to keep going no matter what life throws at you.”

What do you remember learning about beauty at a young age?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  You must love yourself for others to love you.”

Do you think you’re beautiful?

I’m work in progress.  I was told for past 5 years that I was fat , worthless and ugly from my sons father .  Being away from him has helped me think differently and I’m loving who I’m becoming and proud of myself for the first time in a long time.”

What is your definition of beauty?

I look at beauty different now.  It’s how you are as a whole that makes you beautiful.  Looks can only go so far, but being comfortable in who you are how you treat others sends vibes that radiate true beauty.”

What words of wisdom would you share with other women who struggle to see their own beauty?

It’s not always easy to see, but we are all beautiful in our own ways, you just have to learn to accept that you can’t be perfect and love who and  what you are.”

How does being the woman you are today make you uniquely powerful?

I’ve shown my kids and others how much strength it takes to keep going no matter what and not to give up.”

Ms. T. was so much fun to have in our boudoir studio today, and you’ll see that in her photos!