Ms. s

We had the absolute pleasure to have the beautiful Ms. S. in our lovely Southeastern Michigan boudoir studio.  We asked her some insightful questions, and the following are her responses.  I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we did.  We had such a good time in the studio!
Michigans #1 Luxury Boudoir Photographer
Michigans #1 Luxury Boudoir Photographer

“Tell us about yourself.  What life experiences have made you who you are today”?

I was becoming independent, things were just going great.  September of 2020 I started having dizzy spells and by October they became more frequent.  November and December I tried physical therapy for the dizziness and it would temporarily help but not solve the problem.  The day after Christmas I woke up with eye/vision problems and my doctor decided to order a MRI.  January 2021, the first MRI showed a microadenoma on my pituitary gland, thankfully the tumor is not active so it’s just chilling.  My doctor then ordered a second MRI to get a better look at my tumor, that’s when we found I Chiairi Malformation type I and had white matter lesions.  I then had to see a neurologist, he ordered my next MRI and that showed I have what’s called a Syrinx in my spine.  I ended up have a 4th MRI done to see how far the syrinx went.  Fast forward to September 2021 I finally had my spinal tap done, and the fluid came back positive for Multiple Sclerosis.  Through this all my weight loss has slowed down but I’ve been working on loving myself more and accepting that my body, will no longer be what I want it to be.  And that I am beautiful.  I could never see it but now that I more time to take care of myself I can appreciate myself more.  Unfortunately I had to stop working because of my MS symptoms.  So now I use my time to take care of myself, dogs and husband.

“How does being the woman you are today make you uniquely powerful?’

“I’ve managed to start liking my body after hating it for so long.”

“Do you feel beautiful?”


“Not as often as I should.”

“What do you remember learning about beauty at a young age?”

“I honestly can’t think of anything.  My mother didn’t really teach me much about beauty.”

We really enjoyed having Ms. S. in the studio.  We loved her answers to our questions, and hope you do too!

Michigans #1 Luxury Boudoir Photographer