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Maternity boudoir

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Michigans #1 Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Are you expecting a baby or know someone who is? 

Your body is doing the amazing work of creating a new life and that deserves to be honored and documented. Every pregnancy is worth celebrating!  

A boudoir photoshoot is a fabulous way to capture the fleeting moments of your pregnancy body before your beautiful baby arrives. Right now, it might feel like you will be pregnant FOREVER!  But in hindsight, you will realize that your pregnancy was such a short moment in time. 

A maternity boudoir photoshoot will give you images to look back on and cherish for a lifetime.  The images that we create together at the studio will remind you of the beauty, strength, and power of this time in your life.

This kind of photoshoot can highlight your glowing skin and hair, show off the curve of your baby bump, and remind you of the preciousness of the life growing inside of you. 

Here’s what our client said about her boudoir maternity photoshoot experience:

“I signed up for a boudoir photoshoot when I was about 5 months pregnant.  It gave me something to look forward to as the pregnancy progressed.  When I was about 7 months along, I went to the studio for the photoshoot.  I was a little bit nervous at first, but I really wanted to capture some beautiful photos of my baby bump. I’m so glad that I went through with it. The photo session itself was so freeing, fun and fabulous. The photographer showed me exactly what to do and how to pose.  I am glad that I was brave enough to take these revealing photos. I am really happy that I chose to capture this precious, rare moment in life. Because these are photos that I will love and have forever.  I will look back in admiration and be so proud that I did this while I was pregnant. Thank you for this incredibly liberating experience and the gorgeous images. I truly felt like a real princess at the studio.”

If you or someone you know is interested in a maternity boudoir photoshoot, hit reply and we’ll get you all of the details!