Professional hair styling at the boudoir photo studio

Michigans #1 Luxury Boudoir Photographer
Michigans #1 Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Getting your hair professionally styled is part of getting ready for your boudoir photoshoot at our Michigan Boudoir studio.

The hair and makeup artist will make sure you look glam and camera ready! 

Whether you have short hair, long hair or a pixie cut – we’re ready for it all!  Sit back and relax while you get your hair boudoir ready.

Here are some tips for having your hair styled at the boudoir photo studio:

1. Plan to arrive at the studio with your hair clean and dry (do NOT plan on having the stylist blow-dry your hair).

2. Clean hair is the easiest for the stylist to work with. Day-old hair is fine if you don’t typically wash your hair every day, but if the roots of your hair are wet or greasy, it will be difficult to style. Some people have heard that dirty hair is easier to work with, but it’s not true. Squeaky clean hair is actually easier to style than greasy hair! 

3. If your hair is very slippery or fine, don’t worry, the stylist will add texture powder and sprays to get the right look.

4. You are welcome to bring clip-in hair extensions to your shoot.  If your extensions are more than 12 inches long, please just let us know in advance as this may add extra time to your hair styling.

5. If you plan to bring a wig, remember that only 100% human hair wigs can tolerate the heat of a curling iron / flat iron. If the wig is a synthetic blend, it will melt.  Sometimes wigs ordered on Amazon are labeled as human hair, but are actually a synthetic blend (look for authentic Remy 100% human hair wigs with an intact cuticle layer).  If you aren’t sure, do a test with a curling iron at home to see if the hair will curl.  If you are unable to curl the wig at home, the stylist won’t be able to curl it either.

Is your time to shine? We’d love to go over any questions you have about booking a boudoir photoshoot.  Get in touch before our calendar fills up!

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