I had the best time shooting Ms. D.  She arrived at her boudoir shoot at Toledo Harley Davidson and she was full of fun ideas.  I love when clients come full of inspiration to their shoot. I asked Ms. D to tell me about her shoot in her own words, here is what she said:

“This was my first time ever doing any kind of photo shoot! And it’s a boudoir shoot. Go big or go home, right?!  It had been on my bucket list for several years. When I saw Yvonne’s Facebook Ad about shooting boudoir at Toledo Harley Davidson in the Service Bay at the VIP Ladies Night Event, I knew I had the right photographer! Her photos are tastefully seductive and honestly look like fine art.  My favorite part of the shoot was getting dolled up and feeling like Marilyn Monroe in front of the camera. I also loved feeling comfortable in my own skin!

This is the first time in over a decade (since having my babies, and doing the whole “mom” thing) that I have felt comfortable with my body. I have worked hard to get back to a place where I am comfortable in my own skin. Is it what it was 10-15 years ago? No. Are there still things I’d like to be different about my body? Yes. That being said, I left the shoot feeling so overwhelmingly empowered, like I could do or be anything I ever wanted. I felt beautiful and confident, and just truly genuinely happy. I was on cloud nine. I could have shot all night with Yvonne. It was just another validation that I need to do what’s right by me, that I should be proud of myself and all that I’ve accomplished, and that hey- I still got it – Sexy at 60!!! Haha. Life is too short to do anything other than what makes you truly happy!

The Boudoir shoot at Toledo Harley Davidson experience was unreal and truly liberating! Yvonne made me feel like a super model! I think the best part was actually how I felt about myself afterwards. The shoot was an unexpected gift to my soul. Just so confident! I left in a whirlwind of excitement and could not wait to see my images! Now that I have? Wow. Just wow! Would not change a single thing (other than having Amy Lewis as my make up artist every day!) I felt very comfortable with her direction of the shots and trusted they would look awesome.

Yvonne has my dream job! Making people feel good about themselves is such a wonderful gift to be able to give. I got way more out of this than just checking off a bucket list item! This experience exceeded my expectations! Boudoir shoot at Toledo Harley Davidson THE Best day ever! So, thank you Yvonne!”

Thank you so much for hiring me to do your boudoir session Ms D, and of course thank you for letting me share your KILLER session. 



boudoir shoot at Toledo Harley Davidson
Toledo Harley Davidson boudoir photo shoot
boudoir shoot at Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson boudoir shoot

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