Ms. M

We recently had a beautiful Ms. M. in our gorgeous Southeastern Michigan boudoir studio and had a wonderful time getting to know her.  We asked her some questions about life and beauty, and you will find her answers below.

Michigans #1 Luxury Boudoir Photographer

How Does Being The Woman You Are Today Make You Uniquely Powerful?

“It has not been an easy road to where I am in my life. Being a woman meant there was a gender challenge and it’s amazing how much I’ve come to stand up and not only support those around me in the day working hard for our patients, but I’ve started to stand up for myself. For so long after my ex I took so much blame and internalized it as a lack of self confidence. I’ve learned that I have to remember some of those emotional scars that have made me who I am and now I can build up others remembering how deep the scars we don’t see really run and must also be healed with love and caring.”

What is your definition of beauty?


Confidence. Someone who can be confident in themselves and be able to really spread that confidence through supporting and bringing up those around them. Confidence exuded in an encouraging smile, a strong stride, or an outstretched hand to help someone. Beauty can’t just be defined physically as everyone has different attractions.”

Do you feel beautiful?


I will fully admit I’m going through a slump at the moment and I don’t feel beautiful at times. There are days I do though, especially recently when seeing photos from babysitting my friend’s young children and I can see the caring body language and emotion in the image even if I’m not happy with a few extra pounds or the way an outfit hangs on me that day.”

Why Are Beautiful Photos Important To You Right Now?

Some days it’s hard to look at the tired eyes in the mirror with the start of stress lines in my forehead or the white hairs starting and see anything but exhaustion and age. Especially during working long days at the clinic during Covid – the spark was gone and it felt like a piece of me was gone with it. In time,  photos where I can see that spark and the happy memory that comes with it has been helpful to rejuvenate that youthful confidence again.

Michigans #1 Luxury Boudoir Photographer