I had a rare opportunity to have a Boudoir photo shoot in the service bay at Toledo Harley Davidson located in Sylvania, Ohio. We had access to all kinds of great bikes and great leather jackets for our Harley Davidson Boudoir Photo Shoot. My sister in-law just had a major surgery of getting her foot amputated and I felt like she needed the ultimate pick me up! I was hosting a Ladies Night Out with Harley Davidson and I invited her to get out of the house and have some fun. I talked her into doing something for herself with a Harley Davidson Boudoir Photo Shoot. Here’s what she had to say about it:


"Hey! I'm becoming a supermodel!

I think my definition of beauty changed a lot when I started to love myself. Now, I think beauty means being comfortable in my own skin.Even with imperfections, I am still beautiful and you are still beautiful, all in distinct ways. Being able to feel good about myself and truly loving everything about myself makes me see my real beauty. I dropped my self confidence somewhere awhile back and have been trying to find it again. Having to get my foot amputated really didn’t help in that department either. So I did a tasteful boudoir shoot at Harley with Boudoir Photos by Yvonne. Just for me, no one else. I wanted to find that self love again (Plus, when am I gonna take a sexy photo shoot on a Harley ever? Maybe again when my modeling career takes off🤣) I think I look pretty. I’m glad I stepped outside of the box to see a bigger picture. I’m glad I did it. Even if some think it’s crazy. You just gotta jump in sometimes friends! It’s often hard but loving yourself makes things a bit brighter. And I wish that for you if you need that😊



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Harley Davidson Boudoir photo shoot
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Michigan Luxury Boudoir Photo Studio