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20 Reasons to do a Boudoir Shoot

Do you need a reason to book a boudoir photoshoot? I've collected 20 reasons for you here:

1. First anniversary gift: The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, and a boudoir album is printed on paper — the perfect gift!

2. Fifth anniversary gift: The experts call the 5th anniversary the “leather” anniversary, which you could celebrate with a leather bound boudoir album or … some strappy leather lingerie 😉

3. Any anniversary at all: If you’ve been together 4 years or 40 years, boudoir is the perfect gift for the partner who “has it all.”

4. Your birthday: Are you turning 30, 40, 50 or even 80?  A boudoir shoot is a fabulous way to celebrate your journey.

5. Someone else’s birthday: Give them the gift they really want … YOU!

6. Celebrate a fitness goal: You’ve put in the hours in the gym – treat yourself to a boudoir shoot to show off your new bod!

7. Wedding gift: Give an intimate gift to the one who you are promising your life to.

8. Honeymoon gift: Add some sizzle to your honeymoon with a boudoir book!

9. You want a confidence boost: You are going to leave the boudoir studio with an extra skip in your step — guaranteed!

10. Maternity: Pregnancy gives you that special glow as well as some amazing curves.  Capture this fleeting time with gorgeous portraits.

11. Pre-baby: Document your life and your body before you get started trying for a baby.  You’ll love looking back on these photos years later!

12. You’ve got a new body: Maybe you’ve been working out or gotten a recent cosmetic treatment.  You didn’t go through all that just to keep it all under wraps!

13. After a break-up: Release the negative energy from your ex and enjoy your newly found freedom!

14. Father’s Day: Breakfast in bed is ok, but boudoir is waaaay hotter.

15. Mother’s Day: Being the mom sometimes means that you put yourself last.  Treat yourself for once!

16. As an act of self love: You are worthy, beautiful and perfect, just the way you are.

17. Valentine’s Day gift: Take your gift-giving up a notch this February!

18. After a diagnosis: You. are. a. warrior. Let us showcase your strength.

19. Christmas / Hanukkah gift: A boudoir album is the exact opposite of a boring, forgettable holiday gift.

20. Just to celebrate YOU: Actually, you don’t have to have any reason at all to book a boudoir shoot.  You are gorgeous RIGHT NOW and that is reason enough to celebrate!


We’d love to chat and go over all the details of a boudoir photo shoot with you.

20 Reasons to do a Boudoir Shoot

20 Reasons to do a Boudoir Shoot